hiking through the black forest


Stani's walk on the wild side

Our friend Stani walked from Germany to Switzerland, crossing the length of the black forest, with his custom build hiking trailer in tow.

Stani and his custom build hiking trailer
the black forest
map of the tour

His adventure story begins like this ...

building a thing
building a hiking trailer

Once upon a time Dr. Stani Frankenstein disappeared into the deep of his underground workshop. Down there his creative juices could flow freely. For months he was busy building, and when he finally resurfaced, he had created the ferocious monster wagon.

testing the DIY hiking trailer
custom build hiking trailer

The load-bearing capacity and off-road mobility of the first prototype was heavily tested out in the field. After a little tinkering the trailer was ready to go.

loaded hiking trailer
Stani and his custom build hiking trailer in action

On the tour the trolley carried everything but the kitchen sink and afforded Stani the little luxuries other hikers have to do without.

power station

Most days the walk was calm and serene, and Stani could relax and enjoy the scenery.

the black forest
relaxing in the sun
beautiful black forest trail
a tavern in the mountains

Other times Stani came face to face with the hazards of the German wilderness.

to drink
or not to drink

Like the age-old question: To drink or not to drink?

perky nocturnal rats
low flying golf balls
nuclear fuel rods
reckless drivers

He also saw himself confronted with perky rats, nuclear fuel rods, low flying golf balls and reckless drivers. Stani prevailed and walked away peacefully.

warning sign
a bull on a meadow
a big bull smiling

Stani loves flirting with danger and as he looked into the wild and the wild gazed into him, he learned to adapt and to become one with his natural surroundings.

blue bins along the road
Schlumpf auf Tour

Stani and his loyal wagon became a tight-knit team and together they conquered the manifold obstacles of the trail.

rough terrain
old railroad

Except for small upgrades and one flat tire, the brave trailer survived the ordeal without any damage or repair. Unfortunately the same can not be said about Stani's feet.

an upgrade for the DIY trailer

Despite many hardships, Stani pushed on and was rewarded with the beauty of the black forest.

Forbach with a view
railroad bridge
black forest stream

Every evening Stani had to find a place to camp. Most nights he slept in a tent amongst the forest critters. Occasionally he treated himself with the comforts of a hotel room.

room with the lake view
Nemo Hornet 1-person tent
one night at a hotel
good morning kiss
wild camping
camping in the woods
camping in a field

With the changing of seasons the weather turned rainy. Stani got wet and transformed into a bright yellow gremlin. Just to be on the save side I suggest we never feed him after midnight.

hiking in the rain

Setting one foot in front of the other the brave walked on and after covering hundreds of kilometers Stani and the wonder wagon reached the southern frontier. On a dull autumn day they crossed the border and had made it to Switzerland at last.

Swiss road

On the last night of his adventure Stani pitched his tent high above the rhine falls and fell asleep with a spectacular view.

camping above the rhine falls
the rhine falls

The next morning, as he woke to the roaring of the restless thundering masses, he had completed his journey. Stani packed his things, and after one last glance at the wild, headed back into the bustling city.

Stani the Brave

The End.


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